Greenlight​  believes in client-centred therapy. The issues that a client presents are rarely one-dimensional. For example, someone going through an emotionally painful separation may also find they are drinking too much. For this reason an integrative therapeutic approach is preferred. Therapists may use the Psychodynamic or Person-Centred model, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or Solution-Focused Therapy. Following an initial assessment a contract is agreed upon (usually six weeks subject to review) and clients are encouraged to set goals.
Counselling/Psychotherapy is available for a range of issues 
including: Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Relationships (LGBT and Hetero). Sexual problems. Sexual/Gender identity. Loneliness. Bereavement. Addictions. Social anxiety. Panic attacks. Phobias. 
Therapy sessions are strictly confidential.


Most couples, whether living together or separately, married or in civil partnerships, can experience periods of strain, irritation, disappointment, resentment or boredom. If the issues and behaviours that spark these negative feelings are not addressed, alienation and a breakdown of communication can follow - sometimes leading to one or both parties seeking emotional and/or sexual gratification outside the relationship.

Greenlight Couples Counselling provides an environment in which couples can explore and attempt to resolve painful relationship issues, and initiate open and frank constructive communication.

If the relationship has broken down irretrievably, the counsellor can help to initiate a respectful and amicable 'uncoupling' - which is especially desirable if there are children in the relationship.

Couples Counselling is the same price as individual counselling. Each partner has an individual session with the counsellor before attending as a couple. This initial session can, if necessary, be held over the telephone.


Life Coaching focuses on the present and future, with an emphasis on performance and visible results. Many of us spend our lives chugging along in second gear, lacking the energy or drive to zoom up into fifth – which is where the Life Coach comes in. Building on a client’s strengths, the Life Coach uses motivation and commitment to maximise the client's potential to achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas of their life. Life Coaching at 
Greenlight has a holistic dimension. We believe in the importance of achieving balance and harmony in all areas of life – work, relationships, family, leisure and health. 

To see measurable results, ten consultations (face-to-face, Skype or telephone) are recommended.


To experience rewarding lives, successful careers and fulfilling 
relationships, we need confidence. Yet many people lack this vital ingredient, or suffer from debilitating social anxiety and so never achieve their full potential. 

Greenlight Confidence Building Programmes aim to build confidence in the three areas of Body, Mind, and Spirit: 

· Confident Communication looks at how we can use our bodies and voices to express ourselves effectively and spontaneously. 

· Confidence Busters and Boosters examine the psychological barriers that prevent us from moving forward in our 
lives, and explore ways of building self-esteem and assertiveness. 

· Inner Confidence seeks to establish a solid, 'centred' confidence from within. 

Programmes are available for individuals and groups (women only, and mixed), and are tailor-made for organisations and the corporate sector. For clear 
results, a minimum of ten sessions is recommended.


Expressing our creativity not only brings joy, it also opens up a channel through which our unconscious mind can communicate with us. Creativity Coaching takes you on a therapeutic journey of self-discovery. At 
Greenlight, Creativity Coaching isn't about becoming an expert in a given creative field - although that may well be an outcome - it's about identifying our individual, unique form of expression and learning how to utilise it for our own benefit. Whether our preferred creative outlet is writing, drawing, performing, movement, sound - or a combination - learning how to freely express our creativity improves stress levels, energy levels, and emotional and psychological well-being.

To unlock and process your unique creativity a minimum of five sessions (face-to-face, Skype or telephone) is recommended.